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Welcome aboard! We would like to "thank you" for taking the time to view our website for possible service. We are now in our fifth year of business and we can contribute our continued success to our customers who continually tell their family & friends of our quality work and dependable services.

As a waterfront property owner, you may want to keep up on the current changes affecting you by joining the Maryland Marine Contractors Association (MMCA). Their website is http://www.mdmarinecontractors.org. The following was extracted from a MMCA e-mail, "On Tuesday, May 4th Governor Martin O'Malley signed Senate Bill 382 into law. SB 382 is the result of two years of hard work by the M.M.C.A. and is a step in the right direction to bring some much needed permit relief to marine contractors as well as improve the overall level of professionalism within the industry. The two major components of the bill include a 90 day turnaround for tidal wetland permits and the implementation of a statewide marine contractors licensure program.

For the first time ever, the Maryland Department of the Environment is bound by law to issue permits within a designated time frame. The M.M.C.A. will closely monitor MDE's progress and hold them accountable to the 90 day time frame. We will also insist that MDE avoid the temptation to exploit any possible loop holes in the new legislation.

The bill also calls for all marine contractors (as defined in the bill) to be registered with MDE by December 31, 2010. This initial registration will serve as a proxy licensure until a permanent Marine Contractors Licensing Board is established. This Board will be charged with creating and maintaining the first marine contractors licensure program in the State. Although licensure is not the first choice of most in the trade, it will prove to be invaluable in closing the door on pirate activity and allowing legitimate contractors to once again be competitive. The M.M.C.A. will play an active role in the creation of the licensure program and the interests of the industry will be guarded.

SB 382 can be view in its entirety at: http://mlis.state.md.us/2010rs/bills/sb/sb0382e.pdf.

More details on this new legislation will be forthcoming. The M.M.C.A. is committed to helping its members with these prospective changes. Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this bill a reality. The language in the bill is not perfect, but it is a step toward protecting and promoting marine construction in Maryland."

Please take a few minutes to view our website. We will be updating our photo gallery and the testimonials on a regular basis. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please don't hesitate to call Jim Crook at 410-726-6905 or e-mail him at jim@easternpiledriving.com.

To our customers over the past three years……THANK YOU!!

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